Mediation information and assessment meeting (MIAM):

Before you start mediation or if you need to make an application to court you will be required to attend one of these meetings.

Our fees are £96 each whether you come together or separately.

 Forms: (C100, Form A and other forms for court)

If you need to make an application to court we can contact your ex-partner or the other party to see if they are willing to consider mediation.

If after the MIAM you or the mediator decide mediation is not the way forward or the other person involved is not willing to consider mediation, you or your solicitor will be provided with a form signed by a mediator, which is proof for the court that you have considered mediation. You will not be able to make your application to court without the form . You will also be provided with this form if you try mediation but mediation doesn’t work out or some issues are left unresolved and you need to make an application to court.


Our fees are £180 each per meeting which usually lasts for one and a half hours.

If mediation takes place in separate rooms as a ‘shuttle’ mediation there will be an additional charge to cover the cost of extra room hire.

Drafting proposals in a memorandum of understanding, parenting plan or outcome summary:

£96 each unless it is more complicated than usual in which case you will be charged at an hourly rate of £120 per hour.

Child consultation:

£96 each parent.

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